We know that children thrive in families, not institutions or transient, temporary care.
We promised them the day they were permanently separated from their families that we would find them new ones. A place to call home, to be loved, supported and cherished, as every child should be.
Although many dedicated and skilled adults step forward to care for these children, as their social workers, counselors or temporary foster parents, some even staying connected once a child leaves care, we have broken that promise to 23,000 kids a year.
Considering the trauma these children have endured at a young age, the moves from foster family to foster family and the abandonment they feel, it's no wonder they are at a higher risk for a grim future.
R.E.A.L., Inc. Says Enough is Enough!
It is time to fulfill our promise to these young adults and we have a plan that fits the need.
We connect kids that are about to age out with families, churches, and social service groups.
It's a very simple process and we're wondering why nobody did it before.
Look around and let's get connected.

  R-eally E-ffecting A-nother's L-ife
Did you know 23,000+ kids age out each year in america?
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